Wikipedia Helped Katy Perry Select Snoop Dogg For ‘California Gurls’

Mocha of Kiss 92.5 sat down with in Toronto, Ontario the other day while promoting her new single ‘California Gurls’. Katy talked about the music video for ‘California Gurls’, the lengthy preparation for the video, how it was so easy working with Snoop Dogg, how she ended up with 17 stitches after dancing into a glass end, and having Bieber Fever. “I was Wikipedia-ing all the original west coast people, and I was thinking to myself, who is still relevant, who is like the best, cherry on top for this, and it was obvious that it was Snoop,” Perry said. “He did ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ a couple years ago, he did ‘Sexual Seduction’, he’s still Mr. Gin and Juice, I mean he doesn’t age. He’s the Doggfather.” Watch the interview via YouTube below the cut.

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