Will Ashley Cole’s Sexting Be The Last Straw For Cheryl?

Cheryl Cole’s husband Ashley is again finding himself in hot water after a second blonde’s mobile phone contained explicit photos of the soccer star and over 300 raunchy text messages. Their first text session had Ashley telling the unnamed woman: “I beg u keep this between us x…. Please delete all texts ill have no balls left.” Check out more details from The Sun.

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s bandmates are reportedly urging the singer to give Ashley the boot, and the feeling is likewise with Cheryl’s mother. Joan Callaghan, who lives with the couple. A close friend of the British girl group said: “As far as they’re concerned Ashley is holding Cheryl back. He doesn’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve any of this worry. Sarah is particularly angry, furious in fact, but all the girls are upset and see each other as sisters. They will fight tooth and claw to protect Cheryl.” Read more.

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