Will Britney Fake Her Death, Marry Adnan & Convert To Islam?

It’s a new Sunday and new sensational claims are coming from News of the World regarding . Chris Tate and Rav Singh claim that the troubled pop tart has told friends she’s in love with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, wants to marry the 35-year-old, and convert to Islam to keep Adnan’s father from disowning him. The 26-year-old also wants to fake her own death, get plastic surgery, and start a new life with Adnan in Pakistan.

“His parents Ghalib and Saghra are devastated,” a family member told the British tabloid. “This week his dad gave him an ultimatum, ‘Give up Britney, or you are dead to me,’ which Adnan ignored.” But a relative said Spears had a plan to win dad over. “Although his father has disowned him, there is still a way back – if Britney became a Muslim and they got married,” according to the source.

Another source said Adnan had this idea to take advantage of the vulnerable Spears all along. “Whenever she was vulnerable and the pack were flashing shots of her in a really bad way, Adnan would make a careful show of putting down his camera to help her with bags or into a car,” the source explained. “Over time she grew to trust him, and all the while he was giving her his card and even sending flowers. He knew not to rush it, and because he was different with his accent and foreign looks, she began to believe he was different from all the rest. But it was all part of his masterplan.”

An old friend of Britney spoke about her bizarre ideas to change her fortunes in her child custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. “She’s been discussing all these wacky plans to reinvent her life and convince the courts she is a good mother,” a pal said. “She has discussed in depth a fake death, moving abroad and even plastic surgery. It is scary to hear her romanticize about these insane plans. She believes she could spend six months away and make a comeback as Britney the world’s best mother.”

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