Will Britney Spears And Sam Lufti Get Married?

Star magazine reports is set to wed her constant sidekick Sam Lufti, announcing her plans to her lawyers and ex-husband Kevin Federline. “[The lawyers] begged her to at least get a prenup, but she didn’t seem to be listening,” a source told the tab. Even with K-Fed, fearing “Osama” Lufti’s temper around Sean Preston and Jayden James, threatening to get a restraining order and threatening her with child custody if she goes through with the bizarre plan, the troubled pop tart can’t be talked out of the move. “Britney is completely under Sam’s spell,” the source added. “Everyone sees through him, except her. I hear that he stays with her most of the time, and she pays for his food, his bar and restaurant tabs and his clothing. She takes car of everything.” Read more.

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