Will Christina Aguilera’s Next Album Flop?

Contributed anonymously:

Lets face it has lost tons of fans since her first album, and the sales of ‘Stripped’ were hardly something to be desired.

Christina’s problem is that she takes way to much time in between albums. It seems like she is to busy trying to attract attention. The longer she waits between albums the more people forget about her. She lost many of her young fans by going to her “sexy” image.

Speaking of fans, I’m sure that she is losing many fans after misusing them several times by refusing to sign autographs and cancelling an entire tour that her fans had been waiting for.

Christina has gone through so many image changes, that there is nothing left for her to do, her antics no longer shock people and she is left in the dust by more popular artists like Britney Spears. Lets face it, Christina Aguilera is the next Mariah Carey, someone who has a great voice, but trashed her career because of her behavior.
*T.J. Hoopla*

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One thought on “Will Christina Aguilera’s Next Album Flop?

  1. sh**ball says:

    yes it will flop. she sucks

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