will.i.am In The Studio With Britney Spears

will.i.am checked in with his Twitter followers (@iamwill) earlier today, talking about being in the studio with Britney Spears. After retweeting a message from Britney saying she’s “in the studio with @iamwill… you guys are gonna love this one”, the Black Eyed Peas member talked about how some of his peers have others post Twitter messages for them. Some thought the comment immediately after the retweet meant he learned Britney has others post her Twitter updates. Britney’s manager Adam does post messages on Britney’s Twitter account but puts his name on the end. will writes:

I just found out some people don’t tweet themselves they have teams of tweeters for them… Wow

Britney tweets for herself I saw it with my own eyes when we recorded in the studio today…she’s such a sweet heart she’s a perfectionist

@loganhodges I wasn’t talking about Britney…some publicist asked me if I needed twitter assistance and I said: people do that???

You guys read into things way to hard… shame on who ever thought I was talking about Britney… so sad people want to start things…

The song I did with Britney is gonna be crazy fresh. From the super bowl to the studio working on a mega smasher. Can’t wait till its done

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