Will Kevin Run Back To Shar?

In Touch reports that is worried hubby Kevin Federline will return to . “If he were to walk away, Britney would be devastated. She’s really counting on Kevin.”

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10 thoughts on “Will Kevin Run Back To Shar?

  1. galleta says:

    Why would he go back to Shar, she doesn’t have any money.

  2. EveryoneSucks says:

    he’ll leave Britney, but he won’t go back to Shar. he’ll move on to some other rich chick.

  3. Michelle13105 says:

    if he’ll cheat for you, he’ll cheat on you. maybe brit is realizing that.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Why the heck would he go back to Shar? If he does leave I highly doubt he would go back to her.

  5. fandango says:

    I think he’ll cheat on Britney w/ her cousin – Laura Lynn. You can tell the 2 have the hots for each other. Kevin doesn’t give a ***** about Britney…he’s there for the money. Laura Lynn wants a piece of the pie, and Kevin has made millions already. They will have a secret affair very soon.

    I don’t think anything has happened yet, but he will have ample opportunity in the near future to mess around w/ LL. And LL is related to Britney – you can tell that she will go behind Britney’s back.

  6. galleta says:

    noooooo I don’t believe it.. maybe if she were married to Justin but not to this’, ‘dirty bum… LL is gorgeous she don’t need Brits pimp..lol

  7. fandango says:

    nope – they both have a thing for each other–>’, ‘and LL is not gorgeous. She has pretty eyes, but wears ENTIRELY too much makeup. I suspect she is hiding a fugly face. She looks like a witch. She doesn’t have the family money, but Kevin is now likely worth close to 9 million. That’s more than Britney will ever hand over to her, and that girl wants money.

  8. Starlet01 says:

    Shar doesn’t want him back besides she’s dating Quetin Tarantino! =) Kevin might not love Britney but, he does love her money so don’t worry Kevin’s not going any where for now. Remember Britney has a two year contract on him. K- Fed is going no where except to the hospital when baby Federline is born.

  9. astrange1 says:

    What a strange coupling that is…’, ‘When I read about her and QT, it was one of those theatre of the absurd moments that makes you giggle incessantly. I sent it to MM, but he never posted it. You know Shar called her ex: “Yo, K-Fed, I got me a sugar daddy!! Tell the b*tch she’s stuck with yo’ loser ass now!”

  10. imnangl says:

    He’s not going to leave Britney. He has it made. He’s married to one of the most desired women in the industry, she’s worth millions, he tricked her into thinking he loves her, and then duped her into marrying him. He’s not going anywhere. She’ll have to kick him out. Of course he’s going to cheat on her…like someone said, if he cheats for her, he’ll cheat on her. It’s the way it works. He’s a dirty, greasy, money grubbing punk that just happen to take advantage o*****irl who just wanted someone to love her. I just can’t believe that someone didn’t stop her from making such a huge mistake. HELLO…we all know that her and Justin are going to end up together anyway. So, whatever. Kevin is so gross. He makes me ill and he’s just pulling Britney down with him.

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