Will Mandy Moore Breakup Hurt Roddick’s Game?

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Andy Roddick is said to be really in the dumps over his breakup with Mandy Moore. His tennis coaches are thus worried it might be keeping him from concentrating on his game.

Andy Roddick ‘Down And Crabby’ Without

March 24, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Andy Roddick was looking miserable on Monday, amid rumors of his split with Mandy. Roddick, in Miami for the NASDAQ-100 tournament, stopped by an SFX Sports party at Prive and was looking “down and crabby.” A source revealed, “Women wanted to meet him, but he just ignored them as he kept checking his phone for messages.”

Mandy Moore’s Spokeswoman Denies Split Gossip

March 18, 2004 – USA Today reports Mandy’s spokeswoman denied rumors in The New York Post that the actress/singer and her tennis ace boyfriend, Andy Roddick, have parted ways. Roddick’s camp declined to comment on his personal life.

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One thought on “Will Mandy Moore Breakup Hurt Roddick’s Game?

  1. glittakitten says:

    Why should they have to come out and say they’re still together? I feel sorry for people who have to re-confirm their relationship every week. I’m sure they are still together. They probably don’t wish to make headlines stating it.

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