Will Ricky Martin Return To ‘General Hospital’?

Ricky Martin closeup

is considering a one-time appearance on the ‘General Hospital’, the first show he ever worked on as an actor. “The show gave me a huge break and I like the idea of returning to the start of your career,” Martin explained to Neil Sean of Sky News. “I still have great affection for the show.”

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2 thoughts on “Will Ricky Martin Return To ‘General Hospital’?

  1. hooker says:

    I think, Ricky, is, a good-natured guy. I like the way, he deals, with the press, even though, he’s always being rumored tp be gay. Who is his girlfriend, at the moment, I’m not hearing much, on, his personal life, lately, please, eh? Thank you!!(forever it’s you, forever it’s me, ever the same, nice, woohoo!!)

  2. Mehrunisa says:

    Ricky should go back to General Hospital so may be he can help to give a brain transplant to all the haters, the homophobes and the morons on this board and at large.

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