Will Young Changed Opinion On Big Nasty After Fight

tells OK! magazine that his opinion of Simon Cowell changed after their heated exchange on Pop Idol, crediting the fight to his success on the British charts. “I guess my initial view of him changed after we had that infamous row,” he admits. “I’d sung ‘Light My Fire’ and he didn’t like it and called it ‘distinctly average’. He apologized to me the next week in front of millions of people and he didn’t have to do that. That meant a lot to me.”

Will Young Nervous Ahead Of Golden Jubilee

May 31, 2002 – Will tells The Sun he’s nervous ahead Monday’s Golden Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace where he’ll perform in front of England’s royalty. “I walked into rehearsals and there was Phil Collins with his drum kit. You can’t ask for more than that,” he said. “I am very excited but I’m also very nervous – more than I have ever been before.”

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