Will Young Done With Heavy Drinking

Pop Idol winner Will Young spoke with Rav Singh of News of the World following his huge opening week for his debut single CD ‘Evergreen/Anything’. Will admits, “I just can’t drink anymore for a while. I’ve overdone it. Especially after filming my video in Cuba. I told you I went on a huge bender there and I’ve been on a few more since then.”

Will Young Set To Sell 1.2 Million Of Debut Single

March 1, 2002 – BBC reports Pop Idol winner Will is preparing for Sunday’s official confirmation that he has reached number one in the UK singles chart with his first single ‘Evergreen/Anything’. The disc has already sold 800,000 copies, besting Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ which sold 750,000 copies in December 1984. HMV chart expert Gennaro Castaldo predicted, “By the end of Saturday I think we’re looking at sales of 1.2m.”

Will Young Parties At U2 Nightclub With Mystery Blonde

February 28, 2002 – ShowbizIreland.com reports Will was spotted back home in Dublin partying the night away at U2’s trendy nightclub, The Kitchen. An onlooker told the site, “He looked like he was having a great time, he was very unassuming. There was a small blonde girl with him, she was quite pretty but it was difficult to tell if they were romantically attached or just friends.” Read more.

Will Young Honored About Queen’s Jubilee Gig

February 27, 2002 – The Sun spoke with Will about landing a spot on the Queen’s jubilee on June 3. Will gushed, “It is a huge honor and I’m sure it will be an unbelievable experience. I said during Pop Idol that I had always wanted tea with the Queen – it may not have happened yet but maybe it’s getting closer.”

Pop Idol Will Young To Have Record Breaking Sales

February 26, 2002 – Will is set to have the fastest-selling debut UK single, smashing the record held by Hear’Say. He’s reportedly gotten 400,000 copies of ‘Evergreen/Anything’ sold since the track’s release on Monday. Simon Dornan, PR and Events manager for Virgin Megastore, said, “Will Young has sold a national total of 385,000 copies on day one of release. When you consider that Hear’Say sold 550,000 in the whole week it’s nothing short of a truly awesome phenomena.”

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