Will Young Hits It Off With Kylie Minogue’s Male Dancer

Will Young has been getting close to one of Kylie Minogue’s male dancers, The People reports. The 24-year-old Pop Idol winner spotted twinkle-toed Aaron Silas at an Emma Bunton concert a month ago, and asked one of Kylie’s stylists for his number after bumping into him in the VIP room after the performance at London’s G.A.Y. club. “Will called him and as a result they have met a few times since,” a source revealed. “They seem to be getting on really well together. Will has been really excited about his new friendship and it’s really great to see him so happy.”

Will Young Gives Up Smoking

November 28, 2003 – Will has broken his smoking habit with the help of hypnotherapy sessions. “I started smoking when I was 19 and there were times last year when I was smoking a lot. I tried giving up but couldn’t,” he tells The Sun’s Victoria Newton. “In the end I went to a hypnotherapist. She was talking to me and said, ‘You are in a hypnotic state.’ I said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ but she said, ‘Yes, you really are.’ She obviously lodged the thought in my mind that if I was a serious singer I’d never smoke. It worked. I don’t smoke any more.” Read more, including Newton’s favorable review of Young’s new album ‘Friday’s Child’, here.

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