Will Young’s First Gay Love Was A Leo DiCaprio Lookalike

News of the World spoke with pals of Pop Idol winner who spent time with the singer when he was a student at Exeter. It was there that Will experienced his first homosexual love with his housemate Adam, who was a dead ringer for actor Leonardo DiCaprio. A pal revealed, “After six months Will took Adam aside and told him how he felt, but Adam just couldn’t handle it. He told Will he was not attracted to men-he was straight. Will was really upset. It was as if Adam had broken his heart by rejecting him.” Will ended up moving out of the home shared by three girls following the rejection.

Young & Gates In Talks To Host Pop Idol 2

April 20, 2002 – News of the World reports Pop Idol finalists and Gareth Gates are in secret talks to host the second series of Pop Idol 2. The gig will be worth £600,000 to each star according to reports. An ITV insider revealed, “They’re in negotiations at the moment but it’s an obvious choice. They’ve become huge stars and would have great appeal hosting the show.”

Gareth Gates’ Album Poised To Come Out Before Will Young’s

April 18, 2002 – The Mirror reports Will has been in the shadows of the singer he been on the reality program, Gareth Gates. Sources say that Gates’ album looks poised to be released before Will’s, and some speculate he’s being overlooked ever since he revealed that he was gay. The source said, “No one can believe that as the winner he won’t be releasing his album first. Gareth is their golden boy and all the attention is going on him. Will doesn’t seem fazed by it, but if he’s not careful he may well fall by the wayside.”

Paul McCartney Snubs Duet

April 5, 2002 – The Sun reports Sir Paul has flatly rejected an offer to sing a duet with Will at the Party In The Palace celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee this summer. An insider revealed, “Will is a big Fab Four fan and was thrilled when Simon had the idea of them singing together. They went to Paul’s people expecting to get the green light – after all, Will has just won the biggest search for a star contest ever launched in this country. But his management came back and said Sir Paul was dead against it.”

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