Willa Ford Discusses ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Starry Constellation magazine caught up with in a Q&A and asked the singer what made her sign on for this season’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “It’s funny, it came across my desk and I was asked if I would be interested in doing the show,” Ford responded. “I didn’t know, I had to think about it. The thing is, last season was such an amazing season, they did such a good job with it. I just felt like they were stepping it up again this year, they’re putting it all in HDTV. It’s done really great things to people’s careers. The thing for me, a big portion that’s always been missing from my career is people being able to relate to me and seeing the real person. Who I really was versus just this Willa Ford music video character. What’s fun about it is that you get to see my personality and who I am. It’s a totally different fan base for me! It’s middle American women who probably never watched MTV and a lot of these people probably don’t even know who I am. This isn’t my normal demographic that we’re dealing with here.” Read more.

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