Willa Ford Speaks Out About Nick Carter And New CD

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While Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and have all become household names, Willa Ford has always been on the outside. As the “bad girl of pop” she has been surrounded by a storm of rumors since her career began. The attention on Willa all started when she began dating Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Fans of the boyband soon turned against Willa as rumors spread that she was physically abusing Carter. Today, Willa looks back at that experience and says that it did hurt her then. “It actually got to me a little bit at first and then I was like this isn’t my problem, this is their own internal issues,” she told TeenSceneMag.com. “At that time I was only like 18, now I’m 22. Those things don’t even matter to me now. A lot of those fans who hated me then are my fans now. They realized that it was ridiculous. Me and Nick are friends again, which took a lot of time.”

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10 thoughts on “Willa Ford Speaks Out About Nick Carter And New CD

  1. Whatomat says:

    Mandy Moore is not a freaking household name, and Jessica Dumbass Simpson is only famous for not knowing the difference between fish and chicken!! And Willa sucked and that is why nobody cared or cares about her!

  2. kellyismad says:

    I’m glad that both Willa and Nick are speaking out about being friends now, and being more mature. Maybe some of the rabid Pro-Nick Anti-Willa BSB friends will back off a little bit when they realize that Willa’s not a bitch and that she didn’t steal his TV.

  3. jessfan says:

    Simpson is still now a household name, like her or not.

  4. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    Two has beens trying to steal our attention poor nick and this whore nobody gives a crap about you idiots here go to Iraq you smelly people belongs there

  5. bsg1hbk says:

    lol those rumors were kind of funny tho..she stole his TV and his dogs..they went to court for the dogs…she burnt him with a curling iron on the arm..it was very funny indeed…i see they just recently became friends since not long ago nick said they hadn’t spoken.

  6. Whatomat says:

    ^^ Yeah maybe but for what, being an idiot, not her music! Great idol you have there

  7. ChelGurl17 says:

    Ok why does it seem like every time Willa comes out with another project she talks about her and nick? is she still counting on his name to get her known? No press is bad press and maybe that’s what they’re going for just like the last album. Come on people she’s a one hit wonder and I Wanna Be Bad wasn’t even a hit! it was pretty much…’bad’!

  8. Elperro1 says:

    That Willa Ford dating that FATASS Nick Carter was just a stunt by jive so people wouldn’t think that he is GAY. But it is so obvious that Nick Carter is GAY. I can’t stand that guy I HATE Nick Carter I’m glad his album FLOP and his career is over. That guy was a JOKE. Calling Nick Carter music is just an insult to the real thing. NICK CARTER IS A FAKE JUST LIKE BSB. IN FACT NICK CARTER IS THE BSB WITHOUT HIM THERE IS NO BSB.

  9. Someone says:

    “A lot of those fans who hated me then are my fans now. They realized that it was ridiculous.” What the hell is she talking about? Who told her that? She’s lying to attract Nick’s fans. Try again Willa. I’ve got nothing against her but she’s lying. She should date Justin Timberlake. They both try to sell albums by constantly talking about the famous ex. That’s what you do when you’re not talented, when you are boring and when your ex is more famous than you. Nice try!

  10. myhead says:

    Why do people always say someone is gay. The only way you would KNOW not guess, is if you had sex with that person. The friend of a friend thing just don’t cut it

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