Willa Ford Visits Howard Stern Show

Contributed anonymously:

Willa Ford did an interview with Howard Stern this morning. Willa told how she grew up in Florida on a farm. She said when she first came out to L.A. to record she was sent out here by a con artist with a fake credit card. Willa also stated she had plastic surgery on her breast because she was tired of trying to perk them up for photo shoots. Willa also stated that people should be smarter than to think Britney Spears’ boobs are real. Willa talked about Nick Carter and how she lost her virginity to the Backstreet Boys singer at 16 years old. Her and Kelly Osbourne used to get along, they met at a Spring Break event for MTV and got along until Willa wanted to wear sunglasses to hide her identity. Kelly claimed she had not made it far enough to do such things. Willa claims she has a top 10 selling album and is on covers of tons of magazines so she obviously has made it with out her father being famous.

Willa and Paris Hilton also do not get along. has nothing to do with Nick Carter. She claims they were doing a fashion show together. Willa was in a chair getting her makeup down when Paris very rudely stated, “Don’t you know who I am?” Willa did not know who she was but said she did like Nicky Hilton.

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