Willa Ford’s New Single ‘The Men’ Due Soon

WillaFord.org reports that they have received confirmation from the LAVA/Atlantic camp that has a song coming out “soon” called ‘The Men’. BDS Radio has listed the title of the track as ‘Fu** The Men’.

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One thought on “Willa Ford’s New Single ‘The Men’ Due Soon

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    What about Willa Ford will make the sacrifice of wasting our money to buy her albums worth it? If all she’s doing is posing half nude on her album covers, trying to be “bad” since it “makes her look and feel so good”, and singing very lame and unworthy songs about being bad and *****ing guys, why won’t she just be on Playboy? At least she won’t be making such a desperate fool of herself. Her music is cheap. She doesn’t give a damn about her fans. When was the last time she had ever talked about her fans? I bet she doesn’t even care if she has fans, she just wants fame and money. Obviously, if someone is just selling sex and music without talking about their music or giving thanks and gratitude towards their fans, than they are just ripping off poor pathetic souls for MONEY.

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