William Hung Performs On ‘The Tonight Show’

‘American Idol’ reject appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ at the NBC Studios on Thursday (April 8) in Burbank, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

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3 thoughts on “William Hung Performs On ‘The Tonight Show’

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    ugh he’s such a joke and he doesn’t know it. doesn’t he notice people laughing at him? gosh its so sad. one day he’s gonna get off his high horse and realize it. but if there’s anything good is out of this…its his style. it has totally improved lol

  2. Justincaseyestwo says:

    People are making a fool out of him and he is not even aware. Looks to me like he has down syndrome and those that are using him should be ashamed of themselves. I just hope that when his fifteen minutes of fame ends that he ends up with plenty of money to show for it.

  3. jerry Henn says:

    I’m interested in seeing William Hung’s performance of “she bangs” which aired on the tonight show with Jay Leno on or about 9 April 2004. Can you help? Thank you … Jerry

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