William Hung’s Debut Is So Bad, It’s Cruel

William Hung 'Inspiration' album cover

Regis Behe of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reviewed William Hung’s debut album ‘Inspiration’, calling it “so bad it makes Kelly Clarkson, and Ruben Studdard sound Sinatra-like.” Behe explained, “OK, this is supposed to be a joke. We’re not supposed to take this seriously, and anyone who buys ‘Inspiration’ is obviously not interested in hearing a riveting interpretation of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. One buys ‘Inspiration’ for the same reason traffic slows at the scene of an accident: to gawk and take in the carnage. There’s no redeeming value to this pile of trash. Hung is a talentless clod, a guy who got lucky, took an offer he couldn’t refuse and is now reaping the benefits of a system that capitalizes on exploitation.”

The story at pittsburghlive.com has since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “William Hung’s Debut Is So Bad, It’s Cruel

  1. kellyismad says:

    I listened to the album, and yeah, he can’t sing, but the album is hilarious!’, ‘It made me laugh. And somehow, from watching him on TV and in interviews, he does not strike me as somebody who can’t sing yet is ‘capitalizing on exploitation’. He seems very genuine.

  2. finchfan says:

    he’s talentless, its true. I don’t think the public should buy his album. If this kid drops out of college because he thinks the public likes his music id feel really bad. In a year this thing will die down, and William Hung wont equal anything

  3. mel_melanie says:

    WILLIAM HUNG SUCKS!!! He’s getting paid for singing bad…that’s stupid!! He will not last.

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    For a second I thought I was reading another Britney review.

  5. Candee says:

    I think it’s sad. He obviously has a mental deficiency and these people are exploiting it for dollars. It’s not only sad but cruel. I bet he actually thinks he’s a good singer and he doesn’t really know he’s one big joke.

  6. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Yeah. It seems like he really thinks people like him for his voice. I feel bad for him.

  7. texassoftballchick says:

    Willie has truly made one of the worst alleged music recordings in the last 50 years. People are buying it in the same manner they watch gore movies. The funny thing is, Hung is outselling legit garbage like J.C. Chasez.

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