Wilmer Valderrama’s Kiss And Tell On Howard Stern

Wilmer Valderrama visited the Howard Stern Show on Monday, claiming that he took the virginity of Mandy Moore – she was underaged at the time they were dating, he didn’t dump for Ashlee Simpson, claimed Jennifer Love Hewitt “was an eight” in bed, and denied ever having sex with Jamie Presley, Rosaria Dawson, or Jessica Alba. Howard wondered if sex with Moore was difficult at first.

Wilmer told Howard that the sex was “really good” with Mandy, but also acknowledged that it wasn’t “like warm apple pie.” Wilmer then recalled that he approached Mandy while she was shooting the cover for a magazine and that she agreed to go out with him right away. Wilmer added that he knew Mandy was interested in him when her mother told him that she changed her shirt three times in preparation for their first date.

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One thought on “Wilmer Valderrama’s Kiss And Tell On Howard Stern

  1. ImHere says:

    What a prick…wow. He’s dated all the girls and is now not getting any so he feels he should tell the world. What a stand up guy he is. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like this guy, plus he is a horrible actor on a horrible show.

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