With Love Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

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Why is it that whenever a woman appears with bruises, it’s automatically her boyfriend or husbands fault? Yes, history has proven to us that in most cases, it’s the truth but what about when it isn’t?

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Paris Hilton were together for 7 months. In all those months, never once was she seen with a bruise or so much as a mark on her body. They break up, Nick says they didn’t trust each other and the next thing anyone knows, and Paris is flashing herself around town with bruises everywhere. A person has to ask themselves, why would this suddenly happen? She KNOWS she has cameras on her 24/7 and she KNOWS if she were to go anywhere all bruised up, it’d be considered news and yet she does it anyway. And when someone ASKS about it, if it’s Nick or not, she’s all of a sudden coy and sweet, replying no comment and whatnot.

Paris has always been one to grab at the public eye. She gets on bars and flashes people. She gets drunk and gets into catfights with other women (Hello, anyone else remember the fight she got into with Shannon Doherty over Rick Solomon?) have people forgotten that this IS a girl who has gotten on the wrong side of other females many many times? Is it not conceivable that this has happened again?

Nick dated Mandy (Willa Ford) for how many years? And God knows Mandy is a publicity whore. If Nick had ever laid a hand on her, she would have spoken up about it–especially when everyone was going nuts over her supposedly hitting Nick herself. But no, she hasn’t said a word. Even now with all of this flying around.

Paris knows that people will automatically suspect Nick and yet she’s done nothing about it. She hasn’t accused and she hasn’t denied which in my opinion, is just as bad. She’s letting him take the fall for something he probably didn’t do and yet, if he DID do it, she won’t press charges either–so why walk around showing everyone your bruises?

This is a girl who supposedly loved Nick, yet as soon as they break up, she’s allowing this to happen to him. He hasn’t said anything besides defending himself and saying he cared about her yet she continues to allow her ‘friends’ to ruin any reputation he may have had. How can you love a person and let them go through this?

With love like this, who really needs enemies?

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One thought on “With Love Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

  1. anonymus says:

    Not only that …. The Minnesota DJ Angie Taylor made ??it very clear “Nick would not ever a person and more to a person whom he loves, if Paris Hilton had shame would come to his defense, but it’s a trash whore, famous for being any one “I think there is nothing more to add …. I do not know is how Nick has not sued and has taken a big chunk of money, I would have deserved for trying to destroy the reputation of a person like that. Anyway, Nick, in part, this situation alone has sought to put their eyes on someone like Paris Hilton. Everyone knows that unless you want your life a circus is better to flee from this kind of person other than vanity, adds nothing positive.

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