WoB Founder Furious With Britney Spears’ Recent Behavior

Ruben Garay of WorldOfBritney.com is lashing out at for her recent behavior, which includes partying all night and well into the morning with Paris Hilton and repeatedly going out in miniskirts without panties, a move that has skyrocketed her internet popularity but has made a big portion of her fans shellshocked. “I don’t understand fans that are coming up with ways to justify Britney’s actions,” he writes. “She is a public celebrity who has $50 million dollars in her bank account thanks to people like YOU and ME. Sorry, Britney is NOT America’s sweetheart anymore, yet she was the girl everyone was recently ROOTING for. People complain that all I do is talk negative about her, but for the love of God… since when was commenting on the TRUTH a negative thing? I was the first to be so friggin excited and happy for her as soon as the divorce and the hooking up with Larry took place, correct? This is the real deal folks… Everyone out there who has been following Britney Spears and the THOUSANDS of paparazzi shots that have been put out in the past 6 years know that Britney barely ever even had a NIPPLE slip. From night to day, she goes from that… to pussy shots 3 nights in a ROW. Come on… she knows what’s up.”

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