WoB Founder Responds To Britney Spears Letter

WorldOfBritney.com founder Ruben Garay has responded to Britney Spears’ letter to fans posted earlier today, in which the singer references the decision by Garay to close down his “fan” site. “Britney has taken the first humble and genuine step on her own that will hopefully ensure a successful comeback in the eyes of her fans, which as claimed by her new message, are the only entity that truly matter to her,” he writes. “My advice to Britney following this huge effort on her part, is to lay low, stay out of the paparazzi’s way, stick to her word, and focus entirely on making her new album and tour a huge success. This changes everything, she raised the bar on herself and everyone is going to be watching her next move now more closer than ever. I really hope, for her sake, that this will truly mark a new beginning. This letter was written honorably and with a lot of sensitivity (history has shown that’s very unexpected but it’s VERY good and proves that the tide is changing). It is now all up to her, with that being said, I have a new found respect for Britney and her 2007 comeback. Keep your fans close, get your act together, and you’re golden. Nothing else matters.”

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