WoB Founder Talks With Headline News About Britney’s Fall

WorldOfBritney.com founder Ruben Garay visited CNN Headline News’ ‘Showbiz Tonight’ on Tuesday (January 2) to discuss his decision to shut his fan site down and his thoughts on the singer’s behavior since ending her marriage to Kevin Federline. Read on for a transcript.

– it`s so much about being upset. I think it – it has more to do with –
with the credibility that Britney has lost, not just now, right now, like
in the past few months, but over the years, with fans and industry people.
It`s more about, you know, not being able to believe in her as much as
I used to do it.

And it`s – it`s taken a toll on – on – on her fans, the Web site and,
you know, the entire community.

HAMMER: And in terms of not being able to believe in her, I think everybody
who was a fan of Britney`s or is a fan of Britney`s was absolutely shocked
when she got together with Kevin Federline.

When she finally filed for divorce from Kevin, were – were you thinking
maybe she`s actually turning things around here?

GARAY: Absolutely.

Actually, I was the first one to – to notice that, you know, as soon
as she divorced Kevin Federline and she decided to go back with her old
manager, Lear Rudolph (ph), I was the first one to, you know, say, Guys,
you know, this is a historic moment. Britney`s – Britney just left Kevin
Federline; she`s going to go back with her old manager. This is big; this
is historic.

And something happened, you know? And – and – and I was really, really
rooting for her. But it`s – it`s all about the decisions that she decided
to make. And – and that`s – you know, at the end of the – at the end of
the day, that`s – that`s her decision. It`s just – it – whatever that happens
with her fans is a – or the Web site worldobritney.com, is really a reflection
of what`s going on with her at – at the moment.

HAMMER: I mean, it really does seem that there`s some kind of a disconnect
here. Because obviously, she cannot exist without her fans. She obviously
is well aware of the publicity that she`s been getting. Of course, we naming
her the most controversial celebrity of 2006, among – among other things.

Do – do you think, Ruben, that she just has her head in the sand here?

GARAY: You know, that`s a really question.

I – I actually – I thought that the last straw that happened here –
because I – I this is something that – that happened recently. There was
a contest that worldofbritney.com held about a month ago, or a month and
a half ago, where two fans were going to get meet at Kevin
Federline`s album-release party.

And, you know, it was a very, very big deal, and – and everybody was
really, really excited about it. These two fans flew all the way from Ohio
on a maxed-out credit card, you know, to get to meet and
Kevin Federline. And we get there, an I was obviously hosting it, and –
and she just decided to just not meet with them, and not, you know, honor
her commitments. And that was, you know, a total slap in the face, you
know, to fans. And it – it – it felt like a shockwave. You know, it – it
was felt, you know, throughout the entire community.

And I just – I don`t understand. If she`s going to, you know, be that
reckless with her own fans, then whey should we, you know, continue to
respect her in that way (ph).

HAMMER: Oh, yes. I mean, it`s – it is a far cry from – from the reputation
that she built her career on.

Real quickly; I only have a few seconds left. You`re shutting down the
worldofbritney.com. So what do you do next?

GARAY: Well, you know, I`ll still continue reporting news on Britney.
I`m actually starting my own celebrity blog with my co-Webmaster, Carolina
(ph), that has been helping with worldofbritney.com. And it`s going to
be called thatotherblog.com. It`s going to be launching around January

HAMMER: All right. We`ll be looking for it. And good luck with it.

Ruben Garay, thanks for joining us. I appreciate it.

GARAY: Thank you so much.

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