Woman Blames Madonna Hypnosis For Guards Assault

The Evening Chronicle reports Helen Omar, a 39-year-old U.K. homemaker, was on vacation when – as part of a stage show – she was hypnotized by stage hypnotist Adam Night and told to act like Madonna. Not long afterwards, she was arrested for attacking two security guards, shouting abuse at them and kicking one in the shin and another in the groin, and Omar blamed the hypnotism. Night insisted, “I have worked full time as a hypnotist for more than 13 years. There have been no ill-effects on my audiences whatsoever before and I don’t believe this incident is down to me either.”

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One thought on “Woman Blames Madonna Hypnosis For Guards Assault

  1. Comics says:

    This hypnosis crap is bull crap.. Only Madonna can act like Madonna,this women is immature for not taking responsibility for her actions,everyone wants to blame their stupidity on someone these days.

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