Woman Claims Cheryl Cole’s Hubby Sexted And Bedded Her

Apparently Ashley Cole wasn’t just sexting behind the back of wife of Girls Aloud, but the Chelsea soccer star also bedded a woman he sent explicit messages to. “Ashley begged me to come to his hotel for sex, but it was like a military operation getting into the room,” a 30-year-old unnamed secretary told The Sun. “On both occasions I had to smuggle in a bottle of rosé wine for us to drink in bed because he wasn’t supposed to drink before games. He was petrified of getting caught by his wife and by Chelsea, but he just couldn’t stop himself taking crazy risks. That must have been part of the thrill for him.”

Watch a report from ITN on the rumors below.

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  1. sam says:

    i want to marry you and sex with you without your clothes. I like to lick you. You are so sexy.

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