Woman With Class? More like White Trash…

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I don’t like as a person. In fact, I have no respect for her at all. She does a better job selling herself, than she is selling her music. Plus, I don’t respect people who dress that way in front of children. That’s my opinion. Some of her music is alright and I don’t mind listening to it. On the other hand, some I will have nothing to do with. Having a beautiful voice is not a crime. It’d be nice if I could sing like that. She has an amazing voice, but her as a person, I completely detest.

Aguilera is becoming another pop idol that is going to come down in ruins. The way that she dresses and some of the things she sings about, only brings forth the trouble. People wonder why nasty rumors are spread about them, and why they have so many rude things said; it’s because of the image they project. She projects the image of someone who is screaming, “Get in my pants!” That’s utterly gross and any decent, REAL woman would never do that.

Your body should be something that you keep to yourself. Well, it’s alright to show some of it off, but she shows off far too much. I mean, yes it attracts the public, but what parents would want their daughters to have her as a role model? Seriously! I would never want my daughters to present themselves in such a manner. She used have so much more to her, and she used to seem more like a good girl, but she has a bad girl image, and is the next Britney Spears (despite the fact that Britney can’t really sing, but that’s another story). I could rant and rave for hours with this one.

Another point of order…yes, Aguilera is a beautiful girl, but she’s not showing her beauty by how she looks anymore. It’s all distorted. She’s another sex object that men dream about, and if I were her, I wouldn’t wanna be remembered as a sex symbol, I’d wanna be remembered as someone who made a difference in the music scene and revolutionized the industry! (Not be another commercial girl sold by them to the public for money)

In some ways, it’s almost as if the business is prostituting her…without forcing her to have sex with everyone. She’ll look back on herself one day and probably wonder what she was thinking, and tell her children that they should never be like that. Beauty only goes so far…they can’t always remember you by that.

But then again, the image Aguilera is projecting isn’t one of beauty to some people (like myself). I find her look repulsive, and inappropriate. People like her influence clothing designer’s choices of fashion. Abercrombie sells thongs to 9 and 10 year olds. They shouldn’t be introduced to those kids till they are older. Singers have a major impact on the society of tomorrow.

One of her latest outfits that I saw in a magazine, was a bra looking top with a pair of shorts that went up her bum that said “naughty” on the back of them. What kind of image do you think she is projecting to younger audiences. Now you’re probably thinking the same about other artists, and that’s understandable, but, all the same, this one, is the one I’m worried about.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I cannot change anyone’s opinion of how they see her, but for me, real beauty is on the inside. She’ll age, her looks will fade, and she’ll be like everyone else. But who she is will never change. If I were her, I would make the most of the influences that I had on the future adults of tomorrow, and be different from most pop icons. For once, make a difference in someone’s life. Being famous has more to it then making money and looking good.

The bottom line is, I think Aguilera should have more respect for herself and the people that adore her. So she looks hot to most people, and she has a great voice, but maybe she should focus on who she really is and explain herself. Maybe when she does that, my opinion will change. But as for now, I stand here horrified, if that is what my future children will have as a role model in their lives.

In closing I have a personal message for the pop disaster: “Get over yourself! You’re a sorry, pathetic person. You need to figure out what real class is, because it’s something you lack. Not everyone wants to sleep with you, and not everyone has a crush on you. I hate to break it to you but guess what, you’re annoying and disrespectful. You give women a bad name. I can do with you what I do with garbage…throw you out.”

::You know It’s sad but true!!!!!!::

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2 thoughts on “Woman With Class? More like White Trash…

  1. REALITY says:

    LMAO!!! OMG!!! White trash? Christina? LOL She’s not even white. LOL Oh, that’s classic. I think that defines the ignorant, immature, insecure human being that you are perfectly. LOL

  2. Samira says:

    Christina isn’t white ? then what color is she ?
    She’s half latina but half white latina.

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