Words From Lady GaGa’s DJ Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy talks about his role as DJ, rapper and singer during the Lady Gaga showsLady GaGa ‘Transmission Gaga-vison’ episode 13 features an comments from her DJ Space Cowboy, who puts together the music for the show and sings with GaGa. Next stop was Dragonfly in Niagara Falls, Ontario for a performance.

“I DJ and put together music for the show,” Space Cowboy explained. “Within the show, I spin, rap and I’ll sing with Gaga. I’m about to do a show at the Dragonfly, and it’s gonna be crazy. Today, Lady Gaga is #1 in the album charts, so we’re like, ‘Wow!’ It’s a big celebration tonight. It’s gonna be a fantastic show.”

Watch the episode via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Words From Lady GaGa’s DJ Space Cowboy

  1. Lady CACA says:

    Space Cowboy? This fu**ing douche bag tainted one of the most famous anime series to pander to this Moloko wannabe? Haus music? My fu**ing ass. I know not ONE real HOUSE DJ that spins her fu**ing sh**. LADY CACA INDEED

  2. nounou says:

    I love you so much………

  3. violet says:

    There are stories that Lady Gaga has died. The words on the internet (Google) are fake until they announce her death.

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