World Children’s Day PSA With Justin Timberlake

star Justin Timberlake recorded a special Public Service Announcement to help raise awareness for World Children’s Day, an annual global fundraiser benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities and local children’s causes.

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6 thoughts on “World Children’s Day PSA With Justin Timberlake

  1. elgato says:

    How to does it feel to get Nick Carter’s sloppy seconds, seeing as how Nick did it last year with Celine Dion and Enrique Iglesias.

  2. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    Nick did it last year ha nobody knew that shows nobody cares about Nick Carter and I saw him on punkd he looks like a cow and he’s trying to be friends with Tommy lee what a loser he’s trying to be cool sorry fat cow you are still a boyband reject

  3. just-me says:

    Britney_Can_Sing…. LMAO, is that a joke? Your SN and comment are humorous.

    BTW, I think it’s pretty cool Timberlake is doing this. Giving back once in a while is nice. And I won’t comment on Nick being on the World Children’s Say concert and charity events last year because he has NOTHING to do with this thread. Timberlake is Timberlake, Carter is Carter, leave at that. Each to their own.

  4. elgato says:

    just-me, screw off. you have to be an idiot to say “I’m not going to mention Nick” because in saying that, you mention Nick. idiot. and everyone knew that Nick did World Children’s Day. except *NSYNC fans. they were too busy with trying to make Lance’s dreams of going to space true. idiots.

  5. jrtxtinafan44 says:

    No.. maybe no one noticed Nick because no one cares about him anymore. Except BSB fans.

  6. just-me says:

    I KNOW he did the show last year alright? I just don’t see the point of you mentioning him here since it’s a Justin thread. Then when the other guy that loves to diss BSB and Nick does the same thing you get all offended. The same thing goes for him, being first to post bull on BSB/Nick’s threads and when you do the same he gets offended. And please, screw YOU! I didn’t come here telling you to screw off, so you should have a little respect with me too.

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