World War 3: Mariah Carey Vs Jennifer Lopez

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No.1) This is a FACT: Mariah Carey’s first week sales are really good, her career best, imagine if she had diamond albums with less opening week sales, what she will achieve with her career best.
Mariah’s album is already a sure bigger commercial and critical success than Jennifer Lopez’s REBIRTH and it is well deserved.

No.2) If u want to compare, Mariah and J.Lo, they both have ventured into the fields of music, movies and gorgeous divas. Music was originally Mariah’s territory and movies were actually J.Lo’s field.

When J.Lo ventured into the music scene she was met with a thunderous success with the 8x platinum On The 6th. So she has a successful music and movies career. Her sales worldwide are over 35 Million, which are really good, face it or not. Mariah has over 150 million I think. So in Mariah’s spectacular primary music field, J.Lo. still has very healthy record sales and she is counted among the most popular singers of today.

Contrary to it, J.Lo is one of the most successful, popular and highest paid actresses of today. She is an established actress. When Mariah ventured into movies, she arrived with one of the biggest critical and commercial disasters of the century GLITTER. It gave a fatal blow to her secondary career unlike J.Lo’s booming secondary career.

So see it this way in their own fields they are a lot more successful than the other, Mariah had CHARMBRACELET in her actual field and J.Lo had GIGLI in hers, but overall (music and movies) J.Lo has had a consistent and better rate of success. Even REBIRTH has crossed the platinum sales measure worldwide and is gold in the U.S., not spectacular but moderate.

And J.Lo is as widely agreed (even if lambs want to admit it or not) a lot more beautiful and sexy than Mariah. She has topped so many sexy lists. This is if u want to compare them physically. She also is richer than Mariah.

No.3) As is a music site, here the real ruler is Mariah and should be. She is far more successful than J.Lo in the music scene. J.Lo never has boasted of being more successful than the best selling female artist of history (who is Mariah, Mariah haters). She is a just a everyday healthily successful artist, not in the league of Mariah, Madonna and Christina, neither in talent nor in commercial success.

No.4) People only started these Mariah-J.Lo rivalries coz J.Lo.’s producers once copied Mariah’s tune. A minor thing. Get over it, she wasn’t trying to be Mariah, she was using a good tune that came her way.

No.5) There is no reason to compare them, if you still think so, read the above points one more time.

And really if u still tell me to shut up and that I’m wrong, you’re seriously cracked and just enjoy hating. If that is so, nothing can help you.

Star Struck By Jane Fonda

April 11, 2005 – Jennifer and Jane Fonda spoke with ‘Extra’ about their new movie ‘Monster-In-Law’, and J.Lo admitted to being quite star struck when she first met Jane. “She walked in and there she was in all her Jane Fonda glory,” Lopez recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

Money Troubles Follow Slow Sales Of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Rebirth’

April 11, 2005 – Following the disappointing sales of Jennifer’s latest album ‘Rebirth’ an insider tells The New York Post that the diva has gone $150,000 over her marketing budget. “You won’t be hearing much more of the album after the budget crisis,” the insider said. The source added that Lopez’s dancers recently quit. “They haven’t been paid in like a month.”

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2 thoughts on “World War 3: Mariah Carey Vs Jennifer Lopez

  1. lindsay mays says:

    First of all, how can you compare Mariah Carey, the bombest female singer EVER who has been in the game for 20 yrs. and still going strong to JHO? she’s the biggest has been in the world! all she does is release perfumes because no one cares about her ass anymore!lol everything she has done in about 8 yrs has been a HUGE FLOP! and lets face it, her fans are nothing but Mexicans whereas Mariah appeals to everybody because she is truly talented! and J.Lo being sexy? PLEASE! she’s fat, ghetto Puerto Rican trash! she had the huge ass and that’s why guys liked her, plain and simple! go to any Latin country and you will see a million jhoes! she’s an average looking Hispanic chick. but Mariah is mixed and very exotic looking, you don’t see women like her everyday, and her phenomenal voice is the icing on the cake! j-who? she’s done. I don’t ever hear her name anymore. don’t ever compare that has-been to queen Mariah!

  2. david says:

    Actually J.lo isn’t richer than Mariah not by a long shot. the only real reason why it seems that way is because everyone makes a huge deal about J.lo’s money than they do Mariah’s.

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