Apologizes For Posting Britney’s Baby Pictures

Controversial webmaster Ruben Garay at has found himself in trouble with before, and with news that the singer is unleashing her legal team on websites posting photos of her baby Sean Preston has gotten the Swedish man once tagged as a Spears stalker apologizing. “We were all unaware of the apparent rumors that Britney Spears had pulled the plug on the People Weekly feature until later in the day Friday,” Ruben wrote. “All of us, as a joint Britney Spears unofficial community were therefore happy to share small pictures of that shoot with the fans, as it is very common for un-official sites to do just that and is one of the many purposes of a ‘fan site’. We want everyone to understand that we absolutely adore Britney Spears and are all extremely excited about her new stage in life, and we would never willfully or purposely do anything that might affect her in a negative way. In light of all of this, we would like to issue a formal apology from our end to Jive Records, Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, Sean Preston and anyone else affected by the release of the pictures by the unofficial fansite community. All the pictures that were originally posted, including links and traces have now been permanently removed from our website and all other Britney sites will be doing the same thing.”

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