X-Tina Look-Alike Blames Autograph Selling On Health Emergency

The photo of that a look-alike fan won got a winning bid of $162.50. The fan posted a scan of the autographed photo she won and the FedEx package it was delivered in, as well as her e-mail addresses. She explained in her decision to sell the photo: “As beautiful as this photo is and as much as I would really love to keep it, I am putting it up for auction due to a health emergency. :(“

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2 thoughts on “X-Tina Look-Alike Blames Autograph Selling On Health Emergency

  1. musikluver says:

    that’s a cry out to Christina to give her some money if I ever heard one… I’m sure she’s hoping Christina will hear about that story and come to her rescue… please.. 162.00 will barely get you into the doctors office much less medicine or treatment.. If it was that much of an emergency,, how did she hold out on all the bids,and the time it took to send photo, and receive money…. and then settle for only 162.00 !! what a joke.! my advice to that gold digger is to go to her local health department or major hospital.. they cannot refuse you…. that’s what their there for…. as far as payments… set up a payment plan.. I’m sure you can afford $20 month… as long as your paying something! Xtina.. don’t be fooled by this nonsense!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Lets just wish her all the best can we? Instead of calling her names, and accusing her. After all she didn’t do anything wrong and she did it for a good cause.

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