X17’s Brandy Navarre Talks About Britney Spears With LA’s KIIS FM

Brandy Navarre of X17 chatted with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 9) about their photographer, Fabricio, who drove home. Navarre said the photo agency was trying to help the singer get her car back from impound but apparently it still hasn’t happened.

“I think we certainly must cause her some level of stress,” she admitted of the pap attention Spears received. “You can’t have all those people and flashes around you everyday and not be thrilled by it. On the other hand, she’s lived with that constant attention for so long, that I think she doesn’t know what to do without it. And, given the fact that she doesn’t seem to have great relations with her family members right now, she doesn’t really have close friends, and when she does, they’re there with her one day and gone the next. The only people who are there with her all the time are the photographers, and she becomes friends with them. It is a strange relationship but she seems to genuinely like some of our guys and I guess she genuinely likes Adnan, this other guy from another agency.”

Brandy said that Britney has never set up a shot with them, but does communicate with them regularly. She believed Britney wasn’t aware that boyfriend Adnan Ghalib appeared to have set her up with a weekend getaway for that exclusive footage.

The interview audio at kiisfm.com has since been removed.

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