Yawn… Predictable Christina Aguilera

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Will ever change? She always acts like she is this mature classy woman who is ‘constantly changing and keeping people guessing.’ Yet she is THE most predictable, redundant pop singer out there. First of all, every ‘original’ look she has, has been done about 20 million times before by so many other celebrities (especially cough she seriously steals ALL her ideas/looks). This Marilyn Monroe gimmick is about the most played out look in Hollywood. Every so called ‘original statement’ has been said before; her ‘jaw dropping outfits’ have been worn before. She is the most predictable sad pop star out there. She has to YET AGAIN use other artist’s names in her magazine spreads to gain publicity for her upcoming album. And wait more of a shocker for ya, SHE IS NAKED AGAIN!!! OH GOD! She has NEVER used nudity to gain publicity for herself!! Other than the fact that her albums hype from stripped was 95% based on her taking off her clothes every 5 seconds. So what is the shocker about this GQ magazine article? The fact that she took off her clothes for the millionth time, or the fact that she has officially tried to diss other FEMALE pop stars in her line of competition for publicity. Which again she has done a billion times before. Funny things is, when people like did this (whom I hate as well though that’s another story all together) she was constantly called out for using Christina, and Britney’s names for publicity which was true. Christina fans were all like “she has to keep on dissing Christina for attention”..Then suddenly Christina disses everyone from her former idols Madonna and Mariah, to Britney and Beyonce (from blender, and GQ)…and that’s NOT doing the EXACT same thing? She will never change. She is so pathetic. The fact that she yet again is doing the same things she has done during her LAST album for attention is so sad it makes me cry. Her album is going to flop.

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