Yet Another Don’t Look At Jennifer Lopez Story

First it was those involved in the Rick Dees show, now we hear from MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls that extras on the set of ‘Gigli’ are not allowed to look at the film’s star Jennifer Lopez. A source told Walls, “Apparently, extras looked at her while she was making the video, ‘I’m Real’. It made her really uncomfortable, so we’ve been warned not to make eye contact with her.” In addition, Lopez’s huge staff has meant fewer positions for security on the set.

J.Lo Plans E-Z Money Remix Album

December 13, 2001 – JAM! Music reports plans on releasing a J.Lo remix album in 2002. The official title for the album nor who she’ll be collaborating with her have been announced.

J.Lo’s Love For Camera Doesn’t Extend To Troops

December 13, 2001 – Reuters reports is again living up to her claims of being a diva. According to Airman First Class Julie Stulz, the singer secluded herself while Ja Rule and Kid Rock hung out with troops the day before the trio’s performances. Stulz said, ”I don’t want to name any names, but other celebrities didn’t want to get off the bus until the cameras were on and the lights shining. She’s here to do this show and that’s it, she’s outta here.”

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