Ying Yang Twins Record With Britney Spears

Atlanta’s Ying Yang Twins have recorded a single with Britney Spears, hoping the track will dramatically raise their rising profiles.”It was totally out of left field,” group member Kaine told AllHipHop.com. “The Ying Yang Twins and Britney Spears, it sounds crazy, but the track we did will show everyone that the Ying Yang Twins are versatile.”

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8 thoughts on “Ying Yang Twins Record With Britney Spears

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney and the word versatile at the same sentence? WHAT THE HELL?! IT’S LIKE Britney and the word talented put together. Britney do us all a favor… go to HELL

  2. JuniorGirl04 says:

    I’m not even going to comment on the fact that them pairing with her is a REALLY bad career move…but… Has anyone seen their video for Naggin’? LOL…the twin with the braids (looks kinda feminine too) does this dance at the end of the video. It looks so freakin’ goofy…OMG. Hahaha. The funniest part is that he’s poppin’ it and poppin’ it HARD. He is so in this dance and it looks so stupid. I’m laughing hard just thinking about it. Puffy and Nelly and a few other rappers out there can do these idiotic dances and make them look cool…make other people want to learn it…this guy, cannot. LMFAO.

  3. babet says:

    ok……..collaborating with Britney spears is going wipe out your credibility as serious rappers. that just made them look desperate for media attention…..bad bad bad move. instead of attracting a mature audience…they’re gonna jack Britney’s teenybopper fans. if they were already established artists…..it wouldn’t be a problem…but they are gonna be known as the rappers who made it big by featuring in a Britney spears song…..that’s if they make it. if Britney goes down…so do they.

  4. JuniorGirl04 says:

    In this case I don’t even think it matters if she crashes or not. They will lose ALL “street cred” for doing this, and it’s not a good idea at the beginning of their career. They should have picked someone more reliable…no one knows how her new album will do, how it will be received by critics and fans and stuff like that. They’re looking to cash in on a hot ticket, but she was hot two years ago. Right now she’s got to fight just like everyone else. They should have gone with Beyonce, or Ashanti…someone who’s extremely hot right now. Or an established artist like Mary J. Then again they’re not all that great and those artists probably wouldn’t have them, LOL.

  5. jslady says:

    I pray to GOD that this is fake, what in the hell are they doing? What little street cred they did have, will be wiped completely wiped out. But hell they don’t talk about anything except for b*tches, hoes, and getting low. And she talks about being against the music. I wonder what dumbass song they can come up with.

  6. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO!! her album just gets funnier everyday. this is hilarious!

  7. jrtzflyhunnie says:

    I don’t know who they are but I know her album will be hot cause every album she has done was. Everytime she releases an album she tops her previous stuff. Can’t wait.

  8. pl says:

    What!!! Please tell me its a joke!

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