Young Asian Artist Sherina Records With Westlife

Zieman of The Star profiled Indonesian singer Sherina who is the first Asian singer and only female singer besides to perform a duet with Westlife. The 11 year old said she doesn’t get tired of the constant round of shows, promotional tours and concerts. Sherina said, “I will never be because I do this on my own accord. Nobody asked me to sing. I wanted to do it myself. Maybe if I am pushed or forced into this, I might feel bored or tired. Anyway, this is what makes me really happy – singing, dancing and entertaining people. I enjoy every minute of it.”

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2 thoughts on “Young Asian Artist Sherina Records With Westlife

  1. mury says:

    first Asian singer who duet with Westlife?? I don’t think so…BoA already sing with Westlife flying without wings long long time ago :P

  2. popdirt says:

    the story from The Star was from February 2002, which I believe was prior to BoA’s collaboration on the re-recorded duet. That’s how The Star reported it originally.

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