Young Australian Male Singer Is Hiding Something?

Contributed anonymously:

Which young Australian male singer is gay but has been denying it to the press lately? My best friend went to school with a certain famous Australian female singer who hasn’t been doing as well in the charts. They both went to the Sydney Mardis Gras together and this female singer pointed out the male heartthrob’s boyfriend to my friend at the popular Sydney gay bar Stonewall. My other good friend is a gay model who knows plenty of other gay models in Melbourne, and says it’s a well known fact on the gay scene there about this young male singer, my friend even knows a guy that’s slept with him. If this got out, it would be very bad for this singer’s career, since his fan base consists mostly of teenage girls.

Stripper Fun For Pop Star’s Hubby

March 31, 2005 – A blind item in the new newsletter asks, “Which pop star’s newish husband seemed to be up to his old tricks in Las Vegas last weekend, disappearing into a strip club’s private room with one of the strippers at 2am?”

Songstress Demands From Bloomingdale’s

March 25, 2005 – A blind item in Australia’s NW magazine asked, “This famous American songstress caused a major stir at New York’s trendy Bloomingdale’s department store. After the star sauntered in with an entourage of minders, she demanded the store stay open after hours, and that the second floor be closed off so that she could shop in peace!”

Solo Singer Refuses To Sign Pics With Girl Bandmates

March 17, 2005 – A blind item in Australia’s NW magazine hints, “This former girl-band singer has been getting a little big for her boots lately. The songstress is refusing to autograph anything that features her old group, claiming to be above it now that she’s a solo performer.”

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6 thoughts on “Young Australian Male Singer Is Hiding Something?

  1. nikechild19 says:

    that really annoying gay guy from savage garden.

  2. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    He’s Australian? and he’s gay? are you serious? I had a crush on him when I was 12. Man, I sure knew how to pick them even way back then already. isn’t his name Darren?

    I don’t know any Australian singers except that guy Guy, and Keith Urban. and Missy Higgins! And we all know she’s gay. Oh, and I know that girl that sings Obsession. Anyway, I doubt it’d hurt his career no matter who it is. teenage girls would think he’s even hotter, and they’d be happy to know if they can’t have him, no other girl can either. and he’d get all those gay boy fans. So come out come out wherever you are!

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    I think its sad that people have to worry about an artists sexuality…it is so irrelevant.

  4. kyddney says:

    I love All Time Low lots and I can’t believe I’ve met them lol

  5. dj says:

    Is this talking about Cody Simpson?

  6. popdirt says:

    I think it was about Anthony Callea, the ‘Australian Idol’ singer, who ended up coming out.

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