Young Boy Sidelines Lindsay’s Semi-Nude Photo Shoot

In Touch magazine reports that semi-naked teen queen Lindsay Lohan “had to cover herself until someone on the set threw her a towel” when a young boy wandered onto her her photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

Answers Vanity Fair’s Booty Call

The New York Daily News reports is showing her backside for Vanity Fair thanks to photographer Mario Testino, who shot the ‘Mean Girls’ star in Malibu for a forthcoming issue. A source cautions, “You only see an outline of her tush.”

Does Lindsay’s Daddy Problems Lead Her To Older Men?

A source who recently spent a night on the town with blabbed to The New York Daily News that the singer/actress admitted to an attraction to older men, explaining her flings with 36-year-old Christian Slater, 33-year-old Jared Leto and 29-year-old Colin Farrell. The teen queen blamed the attraction on her jailbird 45-year-old father, Michael Lohan. “No wonder I follow the older men,” Lohan confessed.

Lindsay Lohan Addresses Her Weight Issue

‘Entertainment Tonight’ spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ at the Premiere magazine’s 12th Annual Premiere Women in Hollywood event at the Beverly Hilton hotel, where the teen queen responded to recent reports that she had added a few pounds to her slim frame.

“Now they’re going to say I am overweight, which is ridiculous,” Lohan said. “I don’t know what to say to that … you grow up and you mature. I was going through a rough time and I probably wasn’t taking care of myself — I wasn’t. I want to encourage young girls to not get to that point.”

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