Young, Successful, Rich, Sexy, Loved, & Hated

There are several people who can fit under that title but I’m talking about two young females in particular, that are at the top in their genre, who are loved just as much as they are disliked and trashed in all the supermarket tabloids. In case you don’t know who I’m talking about yet, I’m talking about two young highly successful international superstars named and Christina Aguilera.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about them both on the same level, on this site one or the other is talked about, or one is talked about while the other is trashed. The media made them, two former very good friends, out to be rivals and enemies, well what other rivals have ever gotten on stage a performed together, and not just one song, but a medley with a dance break? Not to mention they were onstage together before that.

They are highly successful they’ve sold millions and millions of records and not just in their own country but all over the world, they’ve performed for millions, have some of the highest grossing tours among people they’re age, pull in some of the biggest endorsement deals to sell everything from soda’s and burgers, to shoes and high fashion, everybody wants these girls faces on their products. They each are completely different so they bring something different to the table to keep everybody entertained. They’ve each done in 6 years what some artists can’t do in a lifetime and have secured their place in history.

The little girl with the big voice, and that girl from Louisiana who can dance her ass off are definitely sitting on top of the world, no matter what you say cause, “toxic” words won’t bring them down.

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