Zac Hanson Shoves Female Reporter

Maui V. Reyes of the Philippine Daily Inquirer had an uncomfortable run-in with Zac after his brother Isaac was having his head shaved while doing media in the Philippines for a concert on November 30th at the Aliw Theater. Reyes asked their manager, Machine, if she could take a picture. He said a “before” and “after” shot would be okay, and Isaac agreed. After snapping one photo, Zac said from behind her, “You wouldn’t want her to take a photo of you.” Isaac assured him it was no big deal. When Reyes was about to take another picture, Zac covered her camera lens, prompting her to pushed Zac’s hand away, thinking he was just joking. But apparently he wasn’t as Zac then grabbed Reyes arm and shoved her “hard”, according to Reyes.

The incident prompted laughter from the group’s manager and Reyes then went to call her editor to tell her about the incident. Zac then attempted to apologize saying, “I only did it because I told you not to take the picture and you still did.” Reyes countered that she had the consent of his brother and manager, and she wasn’t taking a photo of Zac so it wasn’t his call.

Reyes writes, “I wish I could have written about a more pleasant experience with Hanson. I have done nothing but support their music for the past seven years-and I would like to think that it’s people like me, the FANS, who are one of the reasons why they’re still around making music. I understand that Zac is just human, probably tired from all the traveling they’ve been doing, but shoving a journalist-much more a girl-is uncalled for.”

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