Zantrex-3 File Suit Against Britney Spears

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Zoller Laboratories LLC, DG Enterprises and Basic Research LLC have filed a lawsuit against in Utah’s Federal Court on Friday. The three companies are seeking relief from accusations made by Spears that they have improperly used the singer’s image in the promotion of Zantrex-3. Attorney Jeff Gross, who is representing the companies, said his clients have never used Spears’ image in advertising. “We suspect that they think we are doing something that we are not,” said Gross. “We filed the lawsuit to basically prove we haven’t done anything wrong.”

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3 thoughts on “Zantrex-3 File Suit Against Britney Spears

  1. angelM says:

    Well I guess every celebrity pops diet pills now and then.Does Zantrex really work?

  2. Jaggie says:

    Whoa, I guess she really uses diet pills. she’s killing her lungs, liver, and a whole crap load of other organs. she won’t be around for long. and when she croaks, Jamie-Lynn’s no talent ass can take over.

  3. jimmypee says:

    ^^and that’s exactly what Lynne Spears plan is. of course she’s on diet pills. she’s getting big. no matter how risky it is, she has to keep her body weight down…..its the only thing that she’s got to sell albums with.

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