‘Zoey 101′: Britney Spears’ Sister Gets Her Break

‘Day to Day’ television critic Andrew Wallenstein talks about the Nickelodeon network’s new series ‘Zoey 101’, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister. Wallenstein says it’s sad that so many kids on television seem to need a famous last name to get a break.

“These days, the very definition of superstar status is the ability to turn a family member into a star as well,” Wallenstein said. “Making stars out of too many celebrity kin sends the wrong message. Just look at Nickelodeon’s latest series called ‘Zoey 101’… Britney’s younger sister stars as the most outspoken member of a pack of girls admitted into a formerly all boys academy. If you’re expecting something like female cadet Shannon Faulkner breaking the gender barrier at the Citadel, this ain’t it.”

He added, “Dipping into the celebrity gene pool again hopelessly confuses talent with fame, even though the two aren’t mutually exclusive. What the channel’s casting should really be inspiring is belief in oneself. Not all of Nickelodeon’s programs suffer from this malady.”

Listen to his commentary below the cut.

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